Providing padded pick-up, crating & shipping solutions in all 50 states, Europe, Asia & South America.

The Critical Difference: For the safest and most cost-effective solutions, we help you every step of the way... combining removal, preparation and protection for your shipment, resulting in safe arrival to any destination in the world.

  • Business to Business relocation solutions: No limits on size or weight
  • Computer servers & systems
  • Electronics
  • Business equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Scientific Lab Equipment
  • Sensitive Machinery
  • Corporate Relocations

Helping a worldwide group of global companies with safe arrival crating and shipping solutions of data centers, computer systems, medical equipment, business equipment, electronics and sensitive machinery. We can also help you with all aspects of on-site services, crating and shipping: Every step of the way... from any location to any destination in the world.

  • Nationwide Padded Pick-up & Crating in all 50 States
  • Corporate & Industrial Discounts
  • Dedicated Exclusive-Express Air-Ride Trucking
  • Expedited crating & Express Air-Freight
  • Standard & Over-Sized Ocean Freight

Time-Critical: When one of twenty GE MRI'S in the world-weighing in at over 80,000 pounds had to be suddenly dismantled, removed, crated and shipped for a humanitarian project in Argentina, they call the Multinational group at

Emergency: When a hospital in New Orleans was hit by flooding from hurricane Katrina and all hospital & surgical equipment had to be removed and quickly evacuated, protected and safely transferred to alternate hospital; The Multisource group at provided all of the solutions necessary to complete the project.

Medical & Educational Relief: After the earthquake that generated the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the Multinational group was asked to retrieve medical and educational materials from throughout the world. They were then sorted, categorized, configured, protected, export crated and expedited to university hospitals in Asia.

Safe arrival of Your critical shipments: One critical piece, or your entire company. When your time-sensitive computer systems, business machinery or medical equipment must be seamlessly up and running the next day, The Multisource Group can help you with Safe-Arrival Solutions to any destination the World. All in accordance with applicable confidential, proprietary and intellectual property conditions.

We've helped a diverse group of Fortune 1000, Global 1000, Military & Governmental clients in safe arrival corporate relocation, shipping & industrial moving throughout the World; and we can help you too. Safe arrival crating & shipping solutions of your computer systems & valuable technical business equipment to any destination in the World.


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Helps you with Federal Aviation detailed regulations when you are arranging specialized air freight shipping. Helps refer you to the necessary contacts when you are arranging international shipping. The leading source for updated flight information for every major airline carrying air cargo and air freight. Helps you with monetary conversion rates when you are arranging international shipping.

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Helps you with weights & measurement conversions for shipping solutions. Worldwide maps to help you with arranging shipping to any destination in the world. Packaging supplies to help you with protecting, packaging and shipping of your shipments. Check worldwide weather when you are shipping time-critical air freight.

Check postal codes for anywhere in the world when arranging international shipping.
Check time zones anywhere in the world for scheduling international shipping & arrival of your important shipments.


Providing Solutions for a diverse
group of global clients:

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